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Which Undetectables Character Are You?

There's a member of The Undetectables crew for everyone! Take this fun quiz and find out which one matches your personality.

Meet The Undetectables

The Relentless Advocate

Undetectable Since 2004

Joyce Greene

59 years old
160 lbs.

Matriarch of the Undetectables, Joyce Green is a founding member of ACT UP. A research scientist from the Bronx, when complications from HIV left her wheelchair-bound, she found other ways to stand up to the powers that be with an array of inventions.

The Gender Warrior

Undetectable Since 2010

Spirit Soriano

28 years old
155 lbs.

Abandoned as a teen by her family in the Dominican Republic once she sprouted wings, Spirit Soriano is a transitioning gender-nonconforming hero with super strength and the determination to change the city…and the world!

The Harm Reducer

Undetectable Since Since 2008

Virgil Lincoln

42 years old
250 lbs.

Lincoln, born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, has spent half his life in jail and the other half meditating and practicing martial arts to hone his mutant power of telekenisis. When he’s not fighting crime or checking out the latest kung fu movie, he’s teaching others about safe drug use.

The Suppressor

Undetectable Since 2013

Terrance Powers

21 years old
140 lbs.

Terrance Powers is the youngest member of the Undetectables. A runaway from the south who found his purpose as an outreach worker, he can unleash a powerful energy suit when he is surrounded by his friends.

Tenille Roberts

Undetectable Since 2015

Tenille Roberts

20 years old
125 lbs.

The Undetectables’ newest recruit, Tenille has latent psychokinetic abilities that have made her a valuable asset to the team. With a fighting spirit and toughness against all enemies, Tenille shows her strength in more ways than one!



A faceless man who first appears as a white collar business man in an impeccably pressed suit, Denial has the ability to fog minds and create a false sense of calm. He's the one that makes you believe, "I don't have a problem — I don't need my meds!"


A shadowy creature that can turn people's perceptions against them, Phear exists to make the ordinary scary. Lurking in shadows, his multiple long arms grasp the minds of his victims by driving them hysterical with fear. He's the one that makes you feel scared of HIV-Positive people and too trapped to take action.


A woman in a large cloak that manipulates people's will by controlling them like puppets, Apatha loves to get people’s intentions twisted. She is especially talented in wielding strings so that her victims fall into the depths of carelessness. Apatha is the one that makes you think, "I can take care of it...later."


A monstrous manifestation of evil that feeds off of the negative feelings brought forth by the other villains, Stigma wants to take us back to the way HIV/AIDS was first perceived in the 80's. Stigma believes those diagnosed bear 'a mark of shame'.

Richard Frost

A right-wing news anchor for the Faux News channel. His conservative agenda masks a sinister plan to rid the world of the Undetectables and run the city through anger under his true identity, MALICE. Unknown to his TV viewers, Frost can control the weather, and creates arctic-like conditions that turn people’s inner emotions outward in the form of hate.