You’ve gotten this far living with HIV.

Take the next step with us.

The Undetectables are HIV+ superheroes who activate their powers by keeping the virus in check.

Being Undetectable helps them protect their communities and their loved ones. You can join them!

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The power to LIVE UNDETECTABLE is yours

You are living your life with HIV.
Now harness your power to Live Undetectable.

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Our heroes have been through the same challenges.

The Undetectables are here to help!

Join the
60,000 New Yorkers with HIV
who are living UNDETECTABLE


You don’t need to be a superhero to do something powerful for yourself and your community.

By regularly taking the right medicine, you can lower the amount of HIV in your blood (aka your viral load) to become Undetectable. A low viral load is a good thing!

Undetectable = Untransmittable!

People who are Undetectable cannot transmit the virus to others. When you're undetectable, you both protect your own health and prevent new HIV infections. And many experts agree!

This doesn’t mean you no longer have HIV—it means that by continuing your plan of treatment, you can live with HIV by managing your health on your own terms.

How do you get there?

You’re in the right place. We know it’s not always easy. The Undetectables provide a network of support and resources to help you get what you need. Take this powerful step for your own health and the health of your community.

What are the benefits of living Undetectable?

Reduces the probability of transmitting HIV

you feel better and increase your chances of living longer

help end the epedemic of HIV